The Content Cure - Schedule 30 Days of Social Media in One Hour

Transform from No Time to Go Time in Your Business and Life Without Losing Sleep or Missing Family Time


Want to know how you can be a successful online solo business owner who publishes social media content consistently without giving up family time, zapping your energy, or blowing all your money on a social media manager? Read on, buttercup!

Don’t you just love feeling like you are THE most special person to ever walk the face of the internet?

Isn't it awesome to feel like someone out there actually knows about your existence and CARES?

Well I do! And, today is the day I make you feel like that person because guess what?

You REALLY are that special!


Introducing: The Content Cure

The Content Cure is THE FASTEST done-for-you social media content publishing system…

  • that allows you to post social media content 20x quicker and easier than what you're currently doing
  • that removes the hassle and brain fatigue of figuring out what to post with a content calendar
  • that offers you 50 beautiful, done-for-you graphics in two color palettes each month (not templates you need to download and modify)
  • that gives you copy and paste text captions plus hashtags to post with the graphics
  • AND, that includes branding software so you can add your logo in bulk automagically - without manual nonsense

Here is why you should be jumping up and down about this opportunity:

You can FINALLY stop running from solution to solution, guru to guru, one fake promise to the next and finally start seeing results.

When you invest in The Content Cure, you get instant access to everything. You can start using it within the next 30 seconds and get your social media scheduled FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH in as little as 60 minutes.

Join The Content Cure so that by this time next week, you will be basking in the knowledge that you are not only special but also an action-taker and an excuse-buster who has her entire month of social media posts D-O-N-E.

Now THAT is worth every single penny! Don’t you think?


Every month you not only receive drool-worthy, business AND human-focused graphics but also captions and recommended hashtags.

AND...I offer you suggestions for how to make these captions your own so that they capture your voice and represent your brand.


Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Meghan Monaghan and I am obsessed with content!

In case you’ve never heard of me - **horrified gasp** - I created a social media freedom system because I was sick and tired of solo business owners struggling with social media marketing and never finding a solution.

I wanted these people to know that it is possible to forever say adios to strategizing and creating social media content from scratch - forever and ever, amen.

Wondering why I’m qualified to share my incredible insights and helpful hacks when it comes to social media marketing?

I'm a Content Magician who has a Master's degree in Professional Writing and 25 years of marketing experience. Before content marketing was hip and trendy, I was making magic happen behind-the-scenes for small businesses, large corporations, solopreneurs, and nonprofits.

Here are a few recent achievements / humblebrags I have managed to collect in the past few years:

I've managed Twitter for larger than life personal brands, Russell Brunson and Liz Benny.

I've written for some of the biggest names in online marketing, such as Kim Garst, Nick Loper, and Anthony Tran (plus others who cannot be mentioned due to client confidentiality) - and I've helped them get to page one on Google.

I'm currently a Content Strategist and Creator on Kim Garst’s team.

Last, but certainly not least, I'm the founder of Smart Bird Social, a small social media marketing agency, and our mission is to help 1000 personal brands grow their businesses through social selling - without a big budget, a lot of time, or hiring a team.


I am Not Your Typical Marketer, Know Why?

Let’s get very clear on something right away.

I know you’ve been told countless times by marketing experts that you absolutely have to drop everything you’re doing right now to create your own social media content - although you have no time for researching, writing, designing, and scheduling your posts. You could even hire an assistant to do it all for you rather than spending 24 hours each month doing it yourself.

I am standing here, game face on, neck on the line, to say to you loudly and clearly YOU DO NOT.

Because despite doing all of those things, it is entirely probable that you will still end up dissatisfied with your situation. And all for what? So that people see your content 3% of the time? It’s hardly worth increasing your costs on hiring help or even squandering your time on a task that isn’t directly generating revenue.

And who wants that? Exactly. No one.

Here are the facts:

The Content Cure is THE FASTEST already done-for-you social media content system that lets you schedule 30 days of social media posts in one hour.

This system eliminates the need for a social media specialist. And, the content captures your voice while appealing to both humans and to algorithms so that your content performs better.

With The Content Cure, you are not only actively thumbing your nose at these so called experts but also getting the ironclad assurance that you’ll DIY your social media 20x faster.

Think about that before you click away....


Here’s Why You Cannot Afford to Wait

Today is the day! This moment is THE very moment when you decide...

1) You can gather your wits, suck it up, and finally hire a social media manager. You didn't want that dream vacation anyway and at least you'd finally overcome that time-sucking, soul-agonizing social media management. How does that feel? Right, I think we both know. And it’s not happy.

2) You can stay as you are. Do nothing differently. You can go it alone as you've been doing. YOU ARE AN ISLAND. You don’t need anyone else. You’re a smart cookie after all. And I’m as sure as a girl can be that it will be better than option one since you're saving money. BUT, cheaper is not what you’re looking for. Am I right?

3) could fling those options on the scrap pile and instead get everything you have ever needed today! The Content Cure allows you to post 20x quicker than what you're currently doing without spending hundreds each month on a social media manager.

You can finally escape the weariness of energy-zapping content creation in as little as ONE HOUR a month - even if you look forward to posting your social media as much as like going for your annual GYN exam.

I think we all know that two of those options above are as appealing as a bikini wax.

So the choice is yours...and you’re the one who gets to either reap the benefits or live with the consequences *insert manic laugh*


Let’s Suspend Disbelief for a Minute...

The day is March 1, 2020 (stick with me, I haven’t lost my mind)...

You are celebrating. Why?

Because you, my friend, have done the work. You’ve implemented The Content Cure system and taken action to become a freakin' social media rockstar. And, now you've escaped the drudgery of backbreaking, soul-sucking social media which means...

  • you feel the sun shine on your face because you can actually leave your desk
  • you spend more time engaged with your family rather than being preoccupied with social media posting during movie night
  • you use the money you saved to invest in Facebook ads or to take a trip
Let’s carry on our little fantasy...

The day begins inspired by the promise of the big, important life goals you'll achieve.

As you grab your morning coffee, you think about the projects you've wanted to tackle for months. Now you can because you have the time.

And you continue the day, not as a person beset with excuses and nonsense - you’re not one of those people any more. You’re one the winners at life.

Ahhhhhh. This is what success feels like.

So my question is, if there was something that allowed you to do this, to create this day, this life, this existence - would you take it?

Because there IS…

The Content Cure can transform you from "no time" to "go time" in the time it takes to watch a movie. You can finally free yourself of the daily social media grind without spending hundreds and in as little as ONE HOUR a month - even if you hate technology and have the creativity of gnat.

Now is your time.


Here’s a Lovey-Dovey Non-Shovey Reminder Just For You

To go from sacrificing 24+ hours a month to investing only about an hour each month - without hiring help - starts with a tiny step.

$39 a month is that step.

Just $1.30 a day.

When you really think about it, for the sake of going from “no time” to “go time” in your business in as little as 60 minutes a month, well...$1.30 barely registers as a thing.

You could spend the next few months saving $1.30 in a penny jar.

Or you can have the forever solution that...

eliminates the need for a marketing team
keeps your online presence consistent and lively so people don't think you went out of business
reduces your time spent on social media marketing by more than 90%

I think we’re done here.


Your Instructor

Meghan Monaghan
Meghan Monaghan

Although I'm a bit of an introvert, I'm a magician when it comes to content! I'm the brilliance behind-the-scenes vs the star of the show, and I like it that way. And, now it's my turn to help you shine!

Here are a few of my accomplishments:

  • Master's degree in Professional Writing and 25 years of marketing experience
  • Content writer for some of the biggest names in online marketing (Kim Garst, Nick Loper, and Anthony Tran) and I've helped them get to page one on Google
  • Currently a Content Strategist and Creator on Kim Garst’s team
  • Managed Twitter for big personal brands, Russell Brunson and Liz Benny
  • Founder of Smart Bird Social, a small social media marketing agency

My mission is to help 1000 consultants and online business owners grow their businesses - without a big budget, a lot of time, or hiring a team.